Why choose iFixCycles?

  • Transport hassles? – remove the bother of taking your bikes into town to be serviced/repaired. No more taking the bike to the bike shop, iFixCycles comes to you.
  • Time pressed- busy lifestyle? – I operate at your convenience – at a time & place that suits you.
  • Can’t see your pride and joy or who’s working on it? – Meet the person who will be working on your bike and discuss any concerns.

iFixCycles is a Mobile Bicycle Repair Service run by a City & Guilds trained & qualified mechanic. All work is by appointment at an agreed time and place. If possible, work is completed on site, be that at home, work, or in an emergency, at the roadside. Work that cannot be completed on site is taken back to the workshop, repaired and returned at a time convenient to you the customer.

I cover all cycle maintenance and repair, from a simple puncture repair to a full rebuild on any make or model of bike. I work on all types of bikes, be that road, mountain, kids and recreational bikes.

The aim of iFixCycles is to provide a convenient, reliable and competitively priced mobile bicycle repair service in Angus and the surrounding area.

  • Firstly I’ll discuss with you what your requirements are and what service/repair would be most suitable.
  • I’ll then arrange a time to come to you to either work on site or collect the cycle.
  • If anything else needs attention I’ll contact you prior to any work being done or any parts being fitted – you are in control of the costs – not me.
  • I’ll then arrange a suitable time and place to return the cycle as long as someone is in to take the bike, as I’ll need payment on return of the bike. ( Cash, cheque or BACS)
  • I will try to get your bike back within 48hrs but may need to order parts not in stock which may mean some work will take a little longer.

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My name is Scott Davidson and I own and run iFixCycles.

I have been passionate about cycling (touring, road & MTB) and cycle maintenance for over 30 years. Creating iFixCycles has allowed me the opportunity to develop this passion into a business.

I have a Certificate of Attainment in Cycle Mechanics which includes the City and Guilds level 2 cycle mechanics qualification from the renowned Bike Inn training school in Spalding.

I live in Forfar, but iFixCycles operates throughout Angus, Dundee and the North Fife coast.

Privacy Notice
iFixCycles takes data protection seriously. In order for us to provide our services, we hold the following information: –
customer name, customer address, customer contact phone number and if supplied, customer e-mail address.
The information we retain is used for iFixCycles business activity only such as invoices, service records and general communication
On completion of services, we hold the physical invoice and the customer information on a secured and backed up laptop, for a maximum of 5 years.
if you do not consent to this information being retained or have any queries about this information, please contact us at contact@ifixcycles.co.uk

Services & Prices


Like any piece of equipment, it is important to keep your bike in a good working condition. Getting your bike serviced not only does that, but it can also highlight any potential problems before they cause issues which could result in additional cost, or you being let down when you are out on your bike .

I offer 3 fixed price services below, but also offer a full range of specific bike repairs or individual component servicing from a simple puncture repair to a full custom bike build.

Bronze Silver Gold
Basic service General service Full service
SERVICING £35 £55 £95
Visual inspection of frame/forks/components & parts quotation Yes Yes Yes
tyre condition checked & inflated to correct pressure Yes Yes Yes
Wheel rim condition inspected Yes Yes Yes
Brakes checked including cables and correctly adjusted ( non hydraulic) Yes Yes Yes
Chain checked for wear and lubricated Yes Yes Yes
Gears checked, including cables and correctly adjusted Yes Yes Yes
Bolts checked and correctly tightened Yes Yes Yes
Silver and gold service – wheels removed
Hub are checked and adjusted (if required) Yes Yes
Wheels checked and trued in professional wheel jig (tyres on) Yes Yes
Headset checked & adjusted (if required) Yes Yes
Bottom bracket checked for play Yes Yes
pedals and chainset checked Yes Yes
Fitting of inner gear /brake cables and pads (if required) Yes Yes
seatpost removed/cleaned/lubricated/re assembled- (non seized) Yes Yes
Brake calipers removed/cleaned/lubricated( non Hydraulic) Yes
drivetrain components removed/cleaned/inspected( non electronic) Yes
headset stripped, inspected, bearings replaced if required, regreased and re-assembled Yes
hubs inspected, re-greased and adjusted Yes
chainset and pedals removed/cleaned/regreased Yes
Bottom bracket serviced/replaced if required Yes
Re-assembly of components using fresh lubricants Yes

BRONZE SERVICE– Fitting of any parts required is not included with this service.

SILVER SERVICE – Labour for fitting of any minor parts is included in the service charge if it is required. e.g. fitting of gear cables or brakes pads (you just pay for the parts). Fitting of major components such as chain, derailleurs, bottom bracket or headset is chargeable.

GOLD SERVICE – Labour for fitting of any replacement parts is included in the service charge, if it is required. (you just pay for the parts). Only exception is strip down or replacement of parts not included in service such as a free-hub body.

(Please note these services exclude suspension components, hydraulic brake bleeding, and electronic shifting) 

PUNCTURE REPAIR (includes new tube)
puncture repair( std valve) £10.00
fit/replace tyre(excluding tyre cost) £8.00
tubeless tyre replacement £12.00
BRAKES (rim)
V or caliper brake service(pair) from £20.00
V or caliper brake fitting (pair) £25.00
replace cable and adjust(each) £10.00
replace pads and adjust(each) £10.00
Hydraulic Brake bleed (per brake) £20.00
Hydraulic Brake fitting (per brake) £20.00
Replace pads £8.00
Rotor fitting/replacement £6.00
stuck pistons/hose replacement POA
Front hub service £15.00
Rear Hub service £20.00
Front and rear hub service £30.00
Replace freehub body £25.00
Wheel truing/Re -tension(per wheel) £15.00
Wheel building with new rim and hub( per wheel) £30.00
Wheel building strip and rebuild( per wheel) £40.00
spoke replacement from £15.00
cup & cone type ( service) £25.00
Cartridge type remove & replace £20.00
pressfit/BB30 remove and replace from £20.00
retap threads if required £8.00
Face BB shell £15.00
Fit/replace chain (excludes parts) £10.00
fit replace cassette/freewheel(excludes parts) £10.00
Fit replace chain and cassette together(excludes parts) £15.00
Clean/degrease and re lubricate drivetrain £15.00
Replace or fit Chainset/crankset £15.00
Fit/replace jockey wheels(excludes parts) £5.00
Fit/replace new gear cable(excludes parts) – from £10.00
Fit & adjust new front derailleur(excludes parts) £20.00
Fit & adjust new rear derailleur(excludes parts) £20.00
Inspection and adjustment from £15.00
gear hanger replacement( excludes parts) £12.00
Fit replace gear shifters from £15.00
Replace/fit new headset(excluding parts) £25.00
service /replace bearings (excluding parts) £20.00
adjustment £6.00
Thread steerer tube from £25.00
Fit /replace stem £15.00
Fit/replace handlebar (MTB) £15.00
Fit/replace handlebar (Road) £20.00
Fit/replace road handlebar tape £10.00
Fit replace grips £6.00
Fit/replace forks £30.00
Fit/replace pedals £6.00
Fit mudguards from £20.00
Fit rack from £15.00
Fit /replace seatpost(non seized) from £15.00


  • Wheel building service available.– see costs above.
  • Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) More and more people are buying cycles online. If you have or are planning to do this, I can build it up and set up from £30.00.
  • Custom bike build – I can build up your dream bike from £100.00.
  • Groupset fitting– from £80
  • Suspension servicing – see suspension servicing page.

I keep a range of spare parts in my van, but if you would like me to fit something you have bought elsewhere, then I am happy to do that as well.

Please note that above price list is for labour only – parts used are extra.




To arrange for a service or repair of your cycle, please fill in your details and press the submit button, and I will be in touch shortly.

Alternatively call me on 07740 374607 to arrange your service.

Check out my Facebook page (link below) for up to date news and events.